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Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia Inc.

(P O Box 246, Capron, VA 23829)


After the Nottoway were visited by Edward Bland in 1650, early merchants and land seekers began to expand into the land and territorial towns of the Nottoway (Rowantee, Tannatorah and Cohanahanhaka) which were on the main Indian trade path. Weecacana, that paralleled the fall line to the south into present day North Carolina. At the end of Bacon’s Rebellion in 1677, the Virginia Colonists and Virginia Indians, including the Nottoway, signed the Treaty of Middle Plantation. The Spotswood Treaty with the Nottoway in 1713 firmly established the relationship of the Nottoway with Virginia during the colonial period. Eventually, the Nottoway People were forced onto the reserve of land of approximately 44,000 acres known as the Circle and Square, which is in the vicinity of present day Sebrell, Capron and Courtland Virginia.

In January 2006, the Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia sent a letter of intent to petition for State Tribal Recognition to the Virginia Council on Indians (VCI). A full petition was submitted to the VCI on October 17, 2006. The  VCI named a Recognition Committee in November 2006. The Recognition Committee convened its first meeting in January 2007. The process for State Tribal Recognition, by  written  criteria,  was  not  instituted  until  1989. The current written Criteria for Recognition were not ratified by the VCI until May 2006 and is now similar to the Federal Recognition Process used by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Nottoway Indian Tribe of Virginia is the only Tribe in the State of Virginia that has ever submitted a fully documented petition to comply with a written criteria process through public review and scrutiny and it received formal “Recognition” by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2010.


Virginia Nottoway Indian Circle and Square Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization that has been established and granted charitable status by the Internal Revenue Service to support development and community outreach  of  Nottoway  history   and  culture. The  Foundation’s  primary interests are in promoting education and cultural arts to expand awareness of Nottoway Indian history and the history of other Virginia Native Americans.