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OBJECTIVE: Observe laboratory responses in subjects treated with a Nagalase modifier both: (1) orally; and (2) intravenously (“IV”).

SUBJECTS:(1) Patients who have active Epstein-Barr Virus (“EBV”); (2) Patient who have active cancer; and (3) Patients who have elevated Nagalase and/or Anti-Malignin Antibody Serum (“AMAS”) tests without EBV or cancer.

PROTOCOL: Written instructions given to patients on how to take supplements used to modify Nagalase.

RESULTS: Preliminary results for 33 patients show: (1) 82% positive response in lowering Nagalase levels for patients who used oral Glycome for one month; (2) 56% initial increase in Nagalase from baseline levels for patients who received Glycome IV;* (3) 91% positive response in lowering Nagalase from baseline for patients who used oral Glycome for 2 or more months; (4) 80% initial positive response in lowering AMAS levels from baseline Net-TAG levels in cancer patients; and (5) 100% positive lowering of AMAS levels for cancer patients who used oral Glycome for 2 or more months.

CONCLUSION: Naglase modifier(s) has/have a strongly overall positive effect on lowering Nagalase in both viral and cancer patients as well as AMAS in cancer patients.

* This is believed to be the result of a “die off” phenomenon whereby cells release Nagalase when body is saturated with high doses of a Nagalase modifier.

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