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Targeting CANCER CELLS with DMSO can reduce the need for FULL-DOSE CHEMOTHERAPY by up to 90% because DMSO targets CANCER CELLS, not healthy cells.

Research demonstrates that DMSO, also known as “Dimethyl-Sulfoxide,” has an affinity for CANCER CELLS, which allows DMSO to enter CANCER CELLS even when DMSO is carrying CHEMO drugs.

This is comparable to what happens when a bomb is dropped from an airplane. The bomb doesn’t explode until it reaches the ground and hits its target.

Similarly, DMSO is attracted to CANCER CELLS, but when DMSO penetrates CANCER CELLS with LOW-DOSE CHEMO it kills those CANCER CELLS. In fact, studies have proven that DMSO can carry many types of CHEMO drugs directly into CANCER CELLS.

When LOW-DOSE CHEMO is combined with DMSO or INSULIN, it’s called “POTENTIATION THERAPY”. This is because the CANCER killing power they create together is much greater when they are administered separately:

  • INSULIN lowers blood sugar to CANCER CELLS; and
  • DMSO penetrates CANCER CELLS.

That’s why this targeted therapy uses only 10-20% of normal FULL DOSE CHEMO.

FULL-DOSE CHEMO is feared almost as much as CANCER itself. It leaves patients with weakened immune systems that diminish the body’s ability to fight CANCER on its own. On the other hand, LOW-DOSE CHEMO is very effective at killing CANCER CELLS with minimal damage to normal cells.

Prior to treatment, your DPT physician may require blood tests for CANCER ANTIGENS and CANCER ANTIBODIES, as well as CHEMO sensitivity testing, before administering LOW-DOSE CHEMO.

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