Medical licensing for providers of medial alternatives and public memberships for patients seeking for health optimization and wellness



On September 30th, Dr. Daniel Royal spoke to the Nevada Homeopathic Integrative Medical Association at the Peppermill Hotel in Reno, Nevada on the subject on behalf of the First Nation Medical Board (“FNMB”). Dr. Royal explained how Indian Sovereign Immunity works to preserve, protect, and promote the practice of indigenous medicine. Earlier this year, in July 2018, the Crow Nation’s Tribal Chairman signed a Resolution recognizing FNMB as its official healthcare agency for the practice of indigenous medicine.

Indigenous medicine includes natural alternatives also known as alternative, complementary, holistic, and integrative medical approaches. Currently, there are only two states (Nevada and Arizona) where physicians can be dual licensed for the practices of conventional medicine and homeopathic medicine. Conversely, there are 48 states in the U.S. where physicians are at risk for practicing alternative medicine of any kind because they are licensed and regulated only by conventional medical boards (e.g., MD or DO).

Now, with FNMB, such physicians can be dual licensed for the use of alternative medical approaches. This is because the Crow Nation has stepped forward to exercise its jurisdiction over the practice of indigenous medicine (see U.S.C., Title 25, Section 1680u), which no other Indian Nation or State in the U.S. has done. This exercise of Indian jurisdiction provides sovereign immune protection for physicians and others who become licensed as tribal providers is part of a comprehensive economic development plan for the Crow Nation.