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American Indian Mothers Inc. (AIMI) is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization serving the education, health, social service, and agriculture and cultural needs of American Indians (AI) and minorities residing in North Carolina. AIMI was founded on November 1, 2000 by American Indian (AI) Women (Beverly Collins-Hall, Janice Oxendine and Christine Locklear) as a community-based organization mandated to improve the status of American Indians and to foster inter-cultural understanding among the AI Tribes and Organizations throughout North Carolina, USA, and Canada.

Since its inception, AIMI has grown into a multi-faceted social support agency with model programs such as Three Sisters Farm, Cannery, and Co- op. AIMI has a staff of seven and many volunteers that serve the estimated 30,000 Native and Non-Native Americans in North Carolina. AIMI membership is currently composed of American Indian Women from 15 different tribes and organizations.

American Indians migration between rural and urban centers and reservations demonstrates the inter-relatedness of all American Indians. From this reality emerges the recognition that AI issues and concerns are truly shared. AIMI’s philosophy is that solutions can and should be shared. For this reason, AIMI provides programs in continuing education, job training and placement, health education, nutrition and fitness, HIV referral and case management services, and counseling programs for alcoholism and substance use through traditional principles and practices of the First Peoples. Moreover, AIMI also sponsors programs in cultural enrichment through a performing arts program and the first American Indian Organic Farm and Training Facility in North Carolina.

AIMI is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization which consists of a statewide group of women who are striving to fill in gaps in services throughout the rural AI community. Nevertheless, AIMI’s programs and services are not limited to American Indians.


American Indian Mothers, Inc. will be a leading force in empowering families and filling in the gaps in services throughout the rural community.


American Indian Mothers, Inc. is committed to compassionate services that will improve the quality of life for families through health, prevention, agriculture, and educational programs while empowering women through cultural sensitivity and spiritual awaking.