Medical licensing for providers of medical alternatives and public memberships for patients seeking for health optimization and wellness


I Joined FNMB To Provide Holistic And Natural Treatments Without Restrictions Imposed In Most States

I selected the Turtle Healing Band and First Nation Medical Board (“FNMB”) for my membership and licensing board, respectively.  My reasons for doing so are very clear to me.  Here, alternative health practitioners, homeopaths, etc. are accepted for their ability to offer their services to clients seeking health care options outside than the standard allopathic only approach.  I, myself, have had training from many parts of the world so that I might offer more holistic and natural treatments without the restrictions imposed upon medical practices in most states.  FNMB allows practice both on and off Indian Reservation lands with their sovereign immune protection provided by compliance with FNMB’s rules and guidelines.  FNMB conducted a full credentialling investigation prior to my licensing and membership.  I now thank FNMB for this opportunity to bring indigenous and natural health care options to the public.

Aaron Wolfe-Payton, MD(AM), CTH

The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened For Alternative Medicine

I’ve been dual-licensed in the State of Nevada for the past 28 years with both the Board of Homeopathic Medical Examiners and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine since 1990.  In addition, I’ve been licensed in the State Bar of Nevada, and with the United States Patent Office, as an attorney for the past 15 years since 2003.  However, during the past 3 years since I’ve been licensed as a Certified Tribal Practitioner, I’ve felt the most secure and protected in my medical practice.  Currently, I practice in the Turtle Healing Band Clinic (“THBC”) in Las Vegas, Nevada, a non-profit Indian Nation facility where all patients must become private members.   There, I work with other tribal providers licensed with First Nation Medical Board (“FNMB”) where we use alternative medical treatments for patients seeking optimal health and wellness.  The good news is that practitioners of alternative medicine, whether they need single or dual licensing, can now be licensed in all 50 states with FNMB.  This is possibly the best thing that’s ever happened for alternative medicine! 

Daniel Royal, DO, HMD, JD, CTP

Regenerative Medicine is here to Stay

It is my honor and pleasure to be a Certified Tribal Practitioner as per the rules and regulations of the First Nation Medical Board.  My medical practice of 49 years has been a journey involving putting new concepts in practice regarding diagnosis and treatment of clinical trial candidates from inception to standard care in internal medicine and cardiology.  The most remarkable advances that have occured in my practice are in regnerative medicine and immunology.  a patient testimonial recently in these fields is regarding the unique care and treatment for my wife of 50 years.  About two years ago she had limiting pain related to a spinal disorder known as scoliosis.  She saw Neurologists and orthopedic surgeons and surgery was suggested.  She did not want surgery because her father had a similar condition for which he had over 15 operations over a 20-30 year timespan.  He remained in disabling pain and was left with an inability to do the outdoor activities he loved.  So, she was diligent in trying to solve her problesm with Physical Therap (“PT”) ordered by her doctors.  This was not effect.  thus, she opted to participate in a clinical trial involve regenerative medicine.  She then underwent MRI and CT-guided placements by interventional radiologists in order to have her presumed pain generating sites infiltrated with regenerativ medicine products in over 24 different sites.  Over a 3-6 month period she became symptom -free and went skiing again.  However, at about this time she experienced a fall at the lodge where she was staying.  Again, the same physicians were consulted and the same PT and surgeries were recommended.  Despite PT, she remained symptomatic.  Consequently, she then opted for another regenerative medicine treatment.  There same procedures were repeated and after another 3-4 month timespan she is asymptomatic with full activities.   I share my testimonial with whomever wants to learn that regenerative medicine is here to stay! 

Jackie R. See, MD, FAC., CTP

Training in a Proprietary Stem Cell Treatment from a Certified Tribal Practitioner

I received stem cells, intravenous amino acids, and prolotherapy in the Turtle Healing Band Clinic from Doctor Daniel Royal. I also received training in Doctor Royal’s unique autologous stem cell treatment. Doctor Royal and his staff were very professional.  He is an excellent teacher and compassionate healer. I hope to be able to share Doctor Royal’s unique stem cell technique with my own patients.

Kirby Hotchner, DO, CTP

A Certified Tribal Practitioner with the Right Stuff at the Right Time in the Right Place!

I participated in a training course with Doctor Daniel Royal, DO, HMD, JD, CTP for increasing, harvesting, processing, and administrating pluripotent stem cells obtained from autologous blood. I have had an interest in sells for several years now. A few years back, I started by using mesenchymal cells for which I got training and received them via IV. However, I found the gathering material from which to isolate mesenchymal cells by liposuction to be a bit of a problem. So, I shelved the project and kept looking. One evening, while reading the A4M Newsletter, serendipity led me to an article by Doctor Daniel Royal. I do so love serendipity! Needless to say, I found the idea of isolating real stem cells from whole venous blood quite interesting. So, I called Doctor Royal’s office to see if he would let me work with him. I was redirected to contact him via email. Much to my surprise, Doctor Royal got back to me without delay. We worked out a mutually compatible time for me to work with him. All in all, I had a pretty spectacular two full days that included isolating my cells and cells from two other patients. I left with a high level of confidence in being able to duplicate his protocols in my office and found my time and money well spent. Doctor Royal has worked out a unique isolation technique that is cost effective and not an overhead killer. His approach is combined with a very fair and well thought out business model which, I gotta tell ya, is an unusual combination. Doctor Royal is that one in a million kinda guy that has the right stuff at the right time in the right place!

Dale Madson, DMD, CTP